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Productive You

Time to start focussing on you.

  • Organise your tasks: Visualise your tasks in a traditional list, or with an Eiesnhower matrix, to help you prioritise the tasks that matter most

  • Get inspired: Wake up to a different motivational quote every day to start off in the best frame of mind

  • Stick to your goals: Regularly review your goals to ensure you are on the right track

  • Stay focussed: Organise tasks and goals by category so you can focus on one thing at a time to enhance work, life, and most importantly you

  • Productivity everywhere: Seamless online and offline sync means you can access your tasks and goals on any device - Web app coming soon!

About the Team

Why did we make ProductiveU?

The ProductiveU Team all share a common attribute ... we hate wasting our time! You only get one life, so we should all make the most of it, stop focussing on things that dont matter, and turn our attention to the important stuff. We also beleive that people don't spend enough time on their most important asset ... You!

We thought that there must be a better way of managing all our tasks, staying motivated, and ensuring that we are focussing on the right things - So we created ProductiveU!

We are always looking for new ideas and ways of doing things - So if you have an idea, or just want to tell us your thoughs, we would love to hear from you!

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